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Kaelinamun, Apr 11, 12 2:15 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

Please Contribute to our Vent Server: TY Guildees!

detoxWelcome to Detøx !
We are a medium sized guild slowly growing on the Spinebreaker server (Horde). We do regular runs of the 5-man heroic instances to help level us up and to gear our members.  We do PVP, PVE, Arenas and RBGS. The guilds focus will be on leveling to 25 and recruiting level 80+ characters (but we do accept any low levels) to join us in on our core raid groups. We also do the old school stuff just for fun and for people who have never done them before. So there is always something to do.

  • Need to learn how to get along with other people.
                      ( NO DRAMA !)
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Help those in need of questing, leveling and information.
  • Always read up on raid fights before signing up if you don't know them.
  • In all high level raids members must be in vent even if you know the fights.
  • And most importantly HAVE FUN PLAYING!
        Raiding & Loot Rules
  • We will send out calendar invites in game and the people signed up will get the invites first ( so if you want in check the calendar regularly and sign up ).
  • Must have the required item level for the raid we are doing. You can find the requirements on the world of warcraft site.
  • Must have vent installed and ready to go before the raid starts.
  • Must study the fights before hand , we will still go over them in vent but it will be just a cap.
  • Must have all the updated ad-dons ( ex. omen, healbot, deadly boss mod.....)
  • Only roll on gear on the spec that you came into the raid with that you need. ex. If you came in as a healer you can only roll on healing gear not dps. If no one rolls on it then it will be fair game.
  • But if you came in  to switch in between bosses then you can roll on both.
  • For recipe drops must link your profession to the raid leader to be approved for the roll. 
  • Please do not loot in the middle of a pull. That will distract players.
  • Nothing obscene is aloud in vent during a boss fight ( ex. loud music randomly playing, people fighting over stupid crap, etc ). This way if people need to call out we can all hear.
  • If anyone does not follow these rules they will be kicked from the raid. We want to be able to have fun and down the bosses without any trouble.

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